Talent Acquisition

The classic recruitment assignment needs no introduction, forming the base service offering for all recruitment companies, our team represents both employers and candidates to identify, engage and assess the best-fit career opportunity.

Our team uses a suite of artificial intelligence tools to help increase the reach of candidates in the open-web instead of relying on job portals and databases, presenting passive candidates not present in common job portal resume databases. Combining our experience, industry expertise and talent network, our team provides effective staffing solutions for immediate deployment made available for our clients.

From project-specific assignments to mid-term maternity coverages, our team deploys tenured specialist contractors that plugs into your existing workforce to provide the additional resource required to ensure your business performance is optimized.

TRITON AI has the belief that talent acquisition can be done differently.

Our purpose revolves around our commitment to 4 pillars.

Community, Clients, Candidates, Company. At the core, we provide a platform to better showcase the best of our local talents to our multinational clients.
TRITON AI integrates the use of artificial-intelligent tech tools to increase the reach of available candidate profiles, speed to identify suitable candidates and engage discussions and easily manage manpower deployment across different markets within the legal framework.

Constantly reviewing, testing and adopting new tech tools, working with TRITON AI ensures that clients have the access to the latest and most powerful tool fit for different assignment requirements without the need for hefty financial investments and tech adoptions.

Employment & Relocation

Pass Advisory

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Application & Issuance

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• S-Pass

Relocation Assistance

• Cross Border Deployment
• Relocation advisory & assistance

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